A Little About Me


My aims are to be the best at what I do. To excel in the fields that I am proficient in, and to constantly upgrade my capabilities; to grow with experience and knowledge as I believe there is always room for growth in a person.


I am a very motivated person who always wants to do the best at what ever is put before me. I thrive on competition and am driven by goals that are set for me to accomplish. My objective is to achieve my aims with dedication, devotion, effort and hard work while fostering a keen sense of respect for my superiors, peers and colleagues.


Date of Birth: 6th December, 1975
Status: Married
Spouse’s Name: Kapila Bhatia


All Sports – with a special interest in Formula one and tennis. Current affairs and keeping in touch with whats happening in the world, books and reading in general (love books!), am proud to be a movie buff, varied non-fiction literature and all sorts of music. Activities include tennis (rarely), laziness, and swimming. Was an active member of Stagecraft till 2003–a prominent stage theatre group in Kolkata – just put this in to show off a little! 🙂


2005 – present Orion Multisystem Inc. Kolkata, West Bengal

Freelance Technical and Content Writing online
Currently heading a team as a technical writer, content writer and editor – activities include researching different subjects, writing on varied topics, editing the compositions and uploading the content (if required) to the concerned site. We have been providing content for over two years now and samples are available on request. Will be writing as editor for upcoming web site – http://www.stockcenterindia.com to be launched in November, 2008. We specialize in articles on business, finance, global news and the stock market, education, personal finance, pets, health, product testing and reviews, travel, psychology, real estate and foreclosures, and posting daily blogs on sites. In-depth knowledge of WordPress and our articles are 100% original and pass the Copyscape Test process. We have two copywriters and two professional writers in English Literature and Psychology on our panel as well. We have experience writing short articles (250-600 words), medium sized articles (1000-2000 words), longer articles (10,000+ words) and ebooks of over 100 pages as well.

2003 – present Technical Analysis and Portfolio Management Kolkata, West Bengal

Freelance Technical Analyst for the capital market
Currently freelancing as a technical analyst for stocks and commodities in the capital markets – activities include portfolio management, technical analysis of stocks, hedging analysis, Fibonacci and Gann predictions based on respective theories for specific stocks, basic fundamental analysis for medium and long term stocks, and limited stock-specific in-depth market research. Writing for theindianstocks.com periodically. Certified by SEBI – Securities Exchange Board of India in Capital Markets and Mutual Funds after passing their certification examinations.

1998 – present Lakhmidas Premji Kolkata, West Bengal

Financial Consultant
Full-time consultant in the firm Lakhmidas Premji from 1998. Lakhmidas Premji is the manufacturer of “Lakhmi” brand pure Ghee. They are firm established since 1903 in the dairy industry having a large network of agents in and around the state of West Bengal, India. Consultant’s duties included Accounting, Sales Promotion, Public Relations, Press Releases, Web Site creation and content maintenance, machinery and hardware procurement and on-site market research.


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