Oscars Night is Incomplete without Music: A Glimpse of Performances by Music World’s Biggies!

February 21, 2015

The Oscars are one of the most watched shows every year with attendance and performances by some of the biggest stars of the industry. This year’s Oscars are not going to be any different – there will musical performances by the who’s who of the music industry. Like every year, even this year there will be surprises galore, according to the Academy.  Nevertheless, there are certain performances that you cannot simply miss out on Sunday night.

Oscars Night is Incomplete without Music 1

Some of the performances to watch out for!

Of the several performances that have been lined up for the night, the performance by Common and John Legend is the one that is highly anticipated. They are expected to create magic and set the stage on fire, if one goes by their performance at the recently concluded Grammys event. Additionally, they have also been considered to be the favorites to win the statue. As a result, their performance maybe extraordinary than usual. Another performance that everyone is watching out for is by the popular American band, Maroon 5. Even though the band has not received any nomination, the lead singer of the band, Adam Levine has. He has sung the track “Lost Stars” (“Begin Again”).

Special performances by Anna Kendrick, Jennifer Hudson and Lady Gaga

The other notable stars who are slated to perform on Sunday are Anna Kendrick, Jennifer Hudson and Lady Gaga. Even though they are not nominated this year as well as are not part of any songs that have been nominated for this year’s music awards at the Oscars, they are expected to put up “special performances”.  Although not much is known about their performances, it seems like the Academy has thought of doing something spectacular with these three women. Rita Ora is another instance of not being nominated for any category even though Diane Warren, the song writer of a track of which she is the face is a nominee.

Oscars Night is Incomplete without Music 2

Tim McGraw to perform Glen Campbell’s “I’m Not Gonna Miss You”

The country singer Tim McGraw will be performing at the Oscars and will sing Glen Campbell’s “I’m Not Gonna Miss You”. Since the legendary singer is unwell, Tim McGraw has taken up the task of singing the singer’s composition from “Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me”. Many insiders are hoping that Campbell and Julian Raymond, his co-writer will win a statue for their song and their chances are bright following their win at the Grammys. Last but not the least, the Oscars night will also feature performances by Tegan and Sara along with The Lonely Island.

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