Useful Tips on Article Writing for Experienced Writers

January 17, 2014


Producing high quality and 100% original SEO content for website can be slightly more difficult than writing for magazines and print medium. Mistakes can be committed even by experienced full time writers who are regular in blog writing and posting. These mistakes arise from the lack of knowhow on the writers’ part. It is essential to know about changes which are taking place in the world of Google and other search engines or any new changes that may come about in industry standards. It is only then that readers will be positively content by the content provided to them by the writers. Here are some tips to the fire in you and help you to produce good content. So read on…

After writing continuously for many years, a monotony and boredom may set into the minds of full time writers. The engaging nature of the article is lost and attention of the readers will shift somewhere else. The key to avoid such a mishap is to continuously reinvent your self. Try writing on different topic which are as dissimilar as chalk and cheese. This will keep you interested in your job and the readers will be treated to something new each time.

Be it article writing or website content or blog writing and posting – the clinching factors is the proper use of grammar. A sure way to drive away visitors from your link is by using poor grammar. To avoid such a trajectory, it is advisable to check and correct the grammatical mistakes which may undermine your credibility.

Mistakes are even made by experienced writers while sourcing from other articles. In your quest for 100% original SEO content, you are recycling and re-writing old materials and presenting them. But the most challenging part is to give an interesting, exciting twist to any old matter. The reader is of prime importance here and you have to understand their psyche to know about the popular topics of the season and try to incorporate them in your article. This will give any old content a new flavour.

Today, readers are on a lookout for easy to understand and informative topics. It may so happen that after writing for many years, your writing style has reached a very high standard which is beyond the understanding of the common man. You have to identify if that is the problem for you and if so, try to scale down your writing style to some extend. Though nice and pleasing language is always welcome, it should influence your reader and not scare them away.  You should help them in achieving a target and not confuse them even more. Only then will the reader be positively content with your article.

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