Top Tips on Web Page Designing

January 17, 2014



Web page designing is an important aspect of internet marketing. A nice and reader friendly web page design helps in attracting people and transforming them into potential customers. It is quite easy for something to go wrong in this aspect but still easier if a few basic things are kept in mind while doing the designing and web copywriting of the website’s write up.

When designing the web page make sure to keep the approach and the web copywriting simple and uncluttered. A cluttered and fuss free web page is not only easy on the eye, but easy to navigate as well.

Keep the pages and the write up short and simple. Get your message across to the readers simply and in the first attempt as a majority of users are so impatient that if you cannot catch their attention from the very beginning, the chances are that they will avoid reading up the entire web copywriting midway and look somewhere else.

Usage of tables, charts and lists go a long way in making web pages attractive. They are not only easy to make on your part instead of trying to form long and winding sentences trying to communicate what you want, but they prove to be easy for the surfer or user to read, understand and grasp the important points as well. In fact, the addition of tables improves the overall look of the website as well.

While putting in images, use the ones which are small and to the point. Larger images take a lot of time in uploading and people may get irritated or put off by the constant scrolling of the images that has to be done.

Do not include too many texts and too elaborate a write up. Keep the design simple and precise, it proves to be of a greater appeal.

The web pages should have plenty of contact information so that people reading it may be assured that in case of any emergency their calls will not go unheard. It will also help instilling trust. In fact, if the web site is interactive, it is an added bonus as the reader will think that their complaints and suggestions will be heard and followed by the company and their trust will increase.

Select the keywords with care and include the appropriate amount in the web page. This helps in attracting the attention of search engines and generates a good amount of traffic for the website. However, the amount needs to be calculated and inserted with precision as too little or too much will be harmful.

Something else which needs to be maintained with care is the spelling and grammar of the write up. Incorrect spellings and improper usage of language might put the reader off and even make you seem incompetent.

There are many aspects and tips and tricks of writing and designing the web page. So it is wise to double check all the associated angles to ensure that whatever is included is in the best interest of the business.

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