Top Five Marketing Trends For 2014

January 17, 2014


2013 is about to end and with it many publication and those into blog writing and posting are busy in preparing a year end edition to give a befitting wrap up to 2013.

While 2013 had its share of ups and downs, let’s not ponder over a bygone year but look ahead to a new year which is coming. 2013 was an eventful year with new innovations making it a game changing year. Will 2014 bring in new technologies to improve on internet marketing, or will some new social networking forum overthrow the supremacy and monopoly of Facebook, Twitter or Whatsupp and establish itself? Google Glasses and Bing Boxer Brief are competitors, through it may take time for them to get a toehold. Let’s have a look at five top trends for 2014

  • Domination of Mobile Phones: In 2011 sale of mobile phones surpassed that of desktops. It was a first time occurrence in the electronics market. But it is not a one off thing. IDC has predicated that in coming years too, sell of Smartphone will surpass those of desktops and laptops and by 2017, tablets and Smartphone will consist of 87% of all connected devices to be sold. Popularity of mobile phones has forced marketers to device new strategies to tap this growing market and make it an essential part of marketing strategy.  Newer mobile apps are being developed and websites are becoming more mobile and tablet screen friendly.
  • Better Retargeting: Nowadays, it is not possible to visit any site, and then forget about that site. When ever you are online, no matter from which device of system, those particular sites can follow you, thanks to your browser cookies. Though it violates your privacy, and browsers have complained about this, there can be no doubt about its effectiveness in increasing rate of conversions and brand awareness.  But efforts are on to make retargeting a less invasive and more effective medium of marketing. Mobile phones will come into the picture in a big way as retargeting channels, mainly because they will be incorporating tools for local targeting. Device matching will replace cookies and various identification methods will be used to insure secure browsing.
  • Insurgence of Paid Advertisements on Social Sites: It was thought by many people that social networking sites would not be able to attract paid advertising in bulk even if people were positively content with it. That marketers and companies would not be interested in using this platform to sell their products. But it was a wrong notion. Advertisers and marketers have found a heaven of opportunities in the social networking sites and putting their advertisements on Facebook, Twitter and other popular sites in an aggressive manner. A research by Adroll has proved that advertisements appearing on Facebook news feeds attract more clicks compared to a right hand advertisement. So rather than subsiding, this trend is projected to grown manifold in coming years.
  • Extensive Visual Content: Visual media is slowly but steadily gaining ground. It is needless to say that videos and visual mediums generate more interest and attract more customers when compared to text based advertisements or blogs.. According to a study, the retention capability of a video or some other visual medium can reach up to 65%, while it is up to 10% in case of text based mediums. So next year may well be a year for visual advertisements. The tug of war between Facebook and YouTube is going on for long as to who can garner more advertisements. You Tube has been popular for a long time with browsers who like to post home grown videos with 100% original SEO content there. Plus new networks like Vine or SnapChat are creating a buzz with their micro-videos channel. Though only for some seconds, these can create a bigger impact.
  •  Better Assessments: It may not always be possible to assess which part of your advertisement strategy produced the optimum sale, whether it is email, newsletter or Pinterest board. So new techniques are on way to simplify and pinpoint the best tactics and tactics which have been not received well. Attribution Modeling Tool by Google tells you where first contact was made and when. They help to highlight all channels valuable to conversion cycle.

So here you have a short synopsis of trends which are going to make 2014 a technologically exciting year. New and diverse ways are opening and new apps are coming into the market to give you channels to promote your product and test the limits of full time writers. Old methods are now saturated and new advancements are sorely needed for effective promotion and marketing.

Bhavesh Bhatia loves blog writing and posting and updates his blog regularly with website content writing. So for any information on 100% original SEO content, get in touch with him.

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