Tips on How to Write an Excellent E-Book

January 17, 2014

download (1)Once you have decided to write an E-book, you must organize, edit and plan well for book. The planning of your book is very crucial since it decides the final outcome of your book.

Here are some tips to help you start writing your E- book.

Select a Suitable Topic

Always choose a topic which interests you. Be enthusiastic about your writing. Choosing a subject which interests you will make your task of writing easier and you will be able to write from your heart. Writing on a subject about which you have no knowledge and information will make your task of writing difficult and you may face many problems while writing.

Guidelines to choose a suitable topic:

  • Usefulness

The topic of your E-book must be beneficial and interest some categories of readers. If you wish to write on online business then write about both the difficulties and the strong point of online business. Also write about the appropriate techniques to do business online.

  •  Specific

Don’t be too general with the topic of your E-book. Write regarding a specific topic or area, this will allow you to write the next E-book and also achieve your aims.

Outline Your E-Book

The next stage after deciding the topic of the E-book is making an outline of the E-book. This will act as a roadmap which you have to follow in your journey of writing an E-book. It will help you collect all crucial information required for your E-book. It will also guide you to the next stage in writing your E-book.

Apply any of the following methods to make the outline:

  • Work Backwards

If you wish you can outline your book from the end to the starting. Think of the goal you wish to achieve from this book. What information your readers want and what information you wish to provide through this book.

  •  Examine Other E-Books

Go through other E-books and look at their writing style and format. Compare your E-book outline with that to get an idea whether you are on the right path.

  •  Draw A Mind Map

A mind map can be drawn by writing the title of the E-book on a sheet and then putting down all your ideas together for the topic on the sheet.

  •  Draw A List

If you already know the procedure and format of writing an E-book then you can simply list down all your ideas and topics for your book. You can also decide the chapters and crucial sections of the book.

  • Start Writing

The most important part is writing and will take up maximum time. Organize well to meet the deadline. Aim to write at least 1000 – 1500 words a day.

After you are done with writing the E-book, you have to redraft it and make changes before putting it on sale online.

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