How to Write a Good Blog and Popularize it too

January 17, 2014


downloadThe most popular internet trend nowadays is blog writing and posting. It is a latest trend being used by full time writers across generations to put forth their views and discuss any topic. Blogs are made up of 100% original SEO content, interesting and uninteresting facts depending on the creativity of the writer. So here are some tips to write great blog posts which will attract traffic.

  • Good quality, interesting and creative topics are the prerequisites for writing a blog. The article should also be informative. Blogs with lucid language and free from grammatical mistakes are preferred by the readers who are not inclined to read highly poetic phrases. Any information which is being provided should be well researched by you. Each part should have new information and repetition must be avoided. If the blog traverses any unchartered territory, then the readers are surely going to be positively content with the blog.
  • Full time writers create blogs with a specific objective in mind. Your blog should also have some agenda which will serve a purpose to the reader. It is better to stick to a predetermined topic that will educate, inspire, assist, entertain, and inform your reader. There are usually no takers for irrelevant information.  Blog posts which address topics that answer queries, issues, problems which the common man faces is more popular
  • Content which is compelling and thought provoking is always more popular than any bland boring and repetitive content. A blog must be thought provoking – it should be compelling enough. So it is important to write 100% original SEO content which can inspire. It may not be controversial but nevertheless catch the attention of the readers enough to provoke their curiosity.

And now you have written an interesting blog, but your work does not stop with blog writing and posting. Your blog must be popularized too. The answer lies in advertising the blog. It is of vital importance to recheck as to how to promote the blog so that there is response from your readers. Follow the tips to popularize your blog among the readers…

  • You can visit blogs written by other people.
  •  Join bloggers’ forum.
  • You can also submit your blogs to directories and top site for publication.
  • Your signature can be used in your personal E-mail.
  •  You can join the various exchange link programs.
  • Public bookmarking.
  • By submitting your blog to any of the search engines.
  • By pinging the site online.

The trick lies in advertising the blog post in whatever manner you can so that people come to know about it. Getting an initial head start is difficult, but if your content is good enough then strong word of mouth publicity by positively content readers will popularize the blog automatically.

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