Beginners’ Tips on Posting Blog into Blogger

January 17, 2014

Blog notes on Laptop

It is easy to start a blog. You do not have to be a full time writer or into blog writing and posting. 10 minutes is all you need to sign up for it! The dashboard looks confusing for someone who logs in for the first time. But actually, it is quite simple and easy.

Blogger Template Section: First there will be a template section. If you are not positively content with the one Blogger offers you, then there are thousands of other free templates, you can choose from

Dashboard Section: You can give your photo, edit profile, and get notifications. You also get links to new post containing 100% original SEO content, edit posts, layout, settings and monetize. All this by clicking the links displayed on the page dashboard.

Edit Profile: Start by giving your name and a nice introduction about yourself. Readers can relate more to your blogs if they are familiar with your likes and dislikes, your hobbies and passion.

Photo: it is always better to have your own photo in your blog. That way, you are not an unknown entity but have a face and identity. Readers will be positively content with this and react favourably.

Notifications: Whether you want to receive notifications or not is totally your choice. These notifications are sent from Blogger.com as email alerts for new products or new features introduced by them.

New Post: On the screen you will find ‘New Post’. This is where you must type in your blog. There are individual icons for spell check, font style, text colour, for uploading a video, and to a new image.

Scheduling Posts: There is option for scheduling a post to appear on a later date. Click on ‘Post Option’, give the new date and new time for the post. In order to save the post, click “Publish Post’. To double check, click on ‘Edit Post’ and you will find the word ‘Scheduled’ written beside your post in red. This is a convenient device for busy full time writers.

Layout: This is a page element where items can be added or moved to other section of a blog.

Add Gadgets: Select the gadget, and then click a blue box that appears. A preview will be shown. To add it, click on ‘Save’. You have to click ‘Edit’ then ‘Remove’ to remove any item in future.

So you see that it is not so hard to pursue blog writing and posting. But you must try to provide 100% original SEO content to your reader. It is only then that your blog will be popular.

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