The Wolf of Wall Street: An Unrealistic Journey of a Real Man

January 13, 2014


The Wolf of Wall Street released on December 25 2013. It is a black comedy based on Jordan Belfort’s memoir of the same name. The film is directed and produced by Martin Scorsese, with screenplay by Terence Winter and stars Leonardo Dicaprio (who is also a co-producer), Jonah Hill and Matthew McConaughey. It is delightful for any full time writer to write a review on this film.

The film is a true story of Jordan Belfort, played by Leonardo DiCaprio. He was a Long Island penny stockbroker who had to serve 36 months in prison because he cheated investors in a 1990s securities fraud. This fraudulent activity exposed corruption in Wall Street and banking sector. This is a retelling of a tale where a simple man is swept away by his ambition. He loses his away and gets entangled in an unholy world of money, substance abuse, a troubled family and lies to carve his own world where no body is allowed entry. This is a story of white collar crime where important and known heads would roll if deep secrets are divulged. Belfort and his employees led a life filled with lavish parties and where drugs and sex was a part of their personal as well as professional life. Convicted in 1998, Belfort later became a speaker on sales techniques.

Throughout the film Scorsese does not glorifies him, rather brings his excesses to the fore. He shown Belfort’s flamboyance in the initial days but shows no pity during his lowest lows. Though it is questionable as to how close to truth the facts are, but sometimes it is impossible to digest the extreme turn of events. The film is a telling criticism of the American dream where people spend their lives in pursuit of money and success – whether by hook or crook. The film’s photography and editing is top notch with Leonardo DiCaprio excelling as the titular character. All the supporting characters succeed in convincingly portraying their characters. There is some resemblance with The Goodfellas or Casino, but here the villain is not a gun toting mafia leader. Rather they are apparently respectable people who wear suits, work in proper offices and spend their time in conducting business. But paradoxically, their reputable profession foils their criminal activities.

Martin Scorsese’s brilliance turns this serious black comedy into an uproarious karmic comedy. Though teeming with narcotics, nudity and slangs, this film does not repulse the audience. On contrary this is one of the best films of 2013. It is defiant, indecent, rebellious and rude and will positively content the viewers.

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