Dhoom Machale with Dhoom 3

January 6, 2014


The year 2013 has been a fantastic year as far as box office collection is concerned, with several films making it to the 200 crore club. Chennai Express and Krrish 3 crossed the 200 crore mark and Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani almost touched the 200 crore mark.

Dhoom 3 is the latest addition to the 200 crore club, and is still going strong. It seems that it will be the only entrant to the 300 crore club as well. So, as promised by its makers Yash Raj Films, the year has indeed ended with a Dhoom. Chicago has been shot slickly with all its landmarks getting prominence. Katrina Kaif looked beautiful but could have been given a meatier role. Her screen time does not justify her position as an A-list actress. But then again, the Dhoom series is all about brawn, bikes and machismo rather than substantial role for its female characters, with only Dhoom 2 being an exception. The chase sequences were thrilling and edge of the seat, though some scenes were repeated. But one thing which was grossly missing was the way in which exciting robbery scenes were shown in Dhoom and Dhoom 2.

Pritam’s music is good, especially Malang and Kamli. All the songs have been shot beautifully with Katrina dancing like a dream. But Dhoom 3 is a little tiresome pre-interval and the length of the film could have been shortened by 20 – 30 minutes. This film is high on sentiment as the makers try to rely on the emotional quotient of the viewer. There are some heart touching scenes, like the one where a repentant Samar tries to make up to a disappointed Jai, whom the former has chided. That scene has a natural innocence and tugs at your heart strings. As far as logic is concerned, none of the earlier films had any, so don’t expect any miracles here. In our country, nonsense is sold in the name of entertainment and D3 is tons better than some of the mindless drivel out this year like Grand Masti. Some parts of the movie have been copied from ‘The Prestige’ and ‘The Dark Knight’, but copying from masterpieces by Nolan is better than making nonsense in the name of films.

As far as acting is concerned, Abhishek plays ACP Jai in a mechanical manner. But Uday Chopra is better in his swansong film than he was in the last two films. It is Aamir who takes the cake. It is his movie all the way. Acting is his strong point, and he has not disappointed. Thank god Vijay Krishna Acharya has recovered from the debacle of Tashan to make an extravagant film like Dhoom 3 with fantastic cinematography. Overall, it is a good Christmas and New Year watch with friends or family though I hope Aamir sticks to doing single starrers – he gets much better results that way!

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