“The Best South Indian Food Joint in Kolkata?!?”

November 30, 2013

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3.5 out of 5

A South Indian Restaurant that can easily be compared to YUMMRAJ’s favorite South Indian Restaurant, Murugan Idly Chennai is Jyoti Vihar, Kolkata. Located at Ho Chi Minh Sarani, near Theatre Road, the place is always full of shoppers, families, office goers and students. The secret to this is the superior quality of South Indian food they serve here.

Jyoti Vihar is a small South Indian restaurant which now is a part of kolkata’s heritage. The vintage (in the true sense of the word!) interiors of Jyoti Vihar with mosaic flooring, the wood paneling and old style table and chairs will remind you of your childhood days, probably because they are the same chairs you sat on then! This eatery breathes nostalgia, great memories and heritage in its every corner. If you don’t believe me, ask any regular here and they will tell you.

Well, their service is quite fast and courteous. The restaurant is clean and hygienic. They serve delicious South Indian food at slightly steeper than earlier prices – I know as I visit this restaurant every week! During lunch time, at around 1:00 in the afternoon the place full of people, and you WILL have to wait for your turn and get a token.

Their idly with sambhar (that they serve hot) is fresh, soft and beautifully steamed – some say it is the best in Calcutta if not the country (I’ve eaten all over the south and believe me, it is not an exaggerated claim at all)! Their wadas are crispy outside and soft inside. The ghee Butter masala Dosa they make will drive you crazy, and is easily the best butter sada dosa one can have this side of town. Jyoti Vihar serves you the most piping hot food – their milk upma and the dahi vada are outstanding!  The coconut chutney is excellent. It is thick and grainy, topped with roasted urad dal. Their paper dosa’s are crispy and light on your stomach though not their strong point. One special mention here – they also serve no-onion sambhar on request, so if you don’t like onion you can always ask for their no onion sambhar.

To complete your South Indian meal, they serve some nice filter coffee as well. I would highly recommend Jyoti Vihar to all food lovers. Even if you don’t like South Indian food, try South Indian food here – you may just fall in love with South Indian cuisine.

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