“Bibi of Taaja’s – Delicasies From All Around The Globe”

November 23, 2013

3.5 out of 5


The Sarkars have been a part of the culinary culture of Kolkata for over two decades now (albeit in different avatars). Bibi of Taaja’s located at Dhakuria is the latest offering by the Sarkars and possibly one of the most promising in the area. I came to know about Bibi of Taaja’s and instantly made my way there hoping that they had the old dishes that I loved in Taaja’s over the years – and I wasn’t disappointed!

Bibi of taaja’s is an offshoot of one of the oldest culinary offerings bringing cuisine from different parts of the globe to the city for many years now. Bibi of Taaja’s is not a typical restaurant which one would visit regularly. It’s in a lane below the Dhakuria bridge on the left side accessed by taking a U turn around the right side. Yes, it is slightly confusing but worth the turns. The ambience is very homely and I felt at home as soon as I entered the restaurant.

No major changes have been made to the menu of Bibi of Taaja’s to retain the old identity which was loved by everyone. Yes, there are a few additions but I am happy to report that they have retained the old charm of the previous avatars well. Overall, they have an excellent menu with cuisine from all around the world to pamper your taste buds.

They have courteous and friendly staff but the service was slightly slow. We ordered Shepherd’s pie, Sesame Fish bites, steamed prawn balls, Khowsuey, Fish Florentine, Thora sin moo, Paella with Joyee’s cookies and cream, lemon souffle and chocolate passion for dessert. The paella was fresh and beautifully cooked. Thora sin moo is a dish my in-laws really like and order every time – they liked it. The Khowsuey was excellent but you need to add all of the seasoning they give you for extra punch. The Fish Florentine was great as was the Shepherd’s Pie which is probably one of the best in town.

The chocolate passion was nice, the lemon soufflé was super, but the star of the evening was a dessert created by a chip of the ol’ block – Joyee’s cookies and cream – it was absolutely fabulous. I also love their regulars – capsicano, oriental and cheesarella, and would highly recommend them.

Bibi of Taaja’s is a truly global restaurant with cuisines from over 20 places. Their prices are pocket friendly and they serve good food. Yes, I will definitely visit this place again.

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  1. Ooh, this looks quite promising. Must plan a visit then.

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