“Lebneh – A Good Place To Pamper Your Tastebuds”

October 9, 2013


Rating: 4 out of 5

With so many new Lebanese food joints opening up in the city frequently, my latest tryst with lebanese food was at Lebneh. It is located at a very convenient location near Hazra crossing beside Jatin Das Metro Station.

The place is divided into two portions, the ground floor and the first floor. They have simple seating arrangements with a calm and composed environment on the ground floor and cozy couches with red and black theme and dim lights on the mezzanine floor. The homely décor sets a relaxed mood helping you enjoy the food though it is really very simple and functional – not too fancy. The staff is well trained, polite and courteous, though the service is a little slow because all of the food s made fresh for you, which is good if you are not in a hurry.

The open kitchen area allows you to see you food being prepared, and adds a positive speck to its interiors as well.

The Lebanese dishes they serve will simply make you fall in love with Lebanese food all over again! They have some excellent presentations – Devil’s Chicken Shawarma along with garlic vegetables was a delight as was their Ultimate Shawarma. The pita bread and falafel bites tasted really great. The sish touk wrap was well presented in shot glasses of pickled beet and a tahini dip just like it would be presented in a boutique restaurant which was seriously unexpected from this small restaurant. Lebanese Grill Chicken Herb Rice had a taste of mild garlic accompanied with a cheese dip and was a treat to our taste buds.

The prices are decent and very reasonable when compared to their competitors. The combos and Royal Lebanese are great value for money. The menu of Lebneh has quite a lot to offer and provides wider choice of dishes than most other Lebanese restaurants in town. They also have a take away counter which allows enjoying Lebanese food on the go – I would seriously recommend this as a regular home delivery joint for the quality of the food as well as their honest prices.

To sum it up, the restaurant is a great place to try Lebanese food at decent and affordable prices. The ambience is relaxing and calm. The service is good with friendly and helpful staff. They have a wide variety in their kitchen for you to pamper your taste buds. The shakes and sandwiches served are also excellent. It is overall a good place to drop in with friends and family for a simple but tasty lunch or dinner.

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