Garam Tawa: A small but decent eatery

August 30, 2013

garam tawa

Ratings: 2.5 out of 5

Anyone bored of having the same food at home and currently planning to have Tandoori dishes somewhere in North Cal can visit Garam Tawa once. It is located at Shyambazar Five point Crossing, Kolkata. Take any Shyambazar-bound bus and you will find it near Golbari. The location of the restaurant (being central) attracts people.  It is essentially a multi-cuisine restaurant but also offers various Tandoori dishes. This is an ideal place for non-vegetarian people.  Being a small restaurant, Garam Tawa has very simple décor. Though it is a non-ac food stop one can also avail of their dine-in facility. But due to its small space and difficulty in accommodating many customers people prefer to opt for its home delivery facility, which is much appreciated because of its promptness.

Garam Tawa is best for middle-class customers. The food is very reasonably priced. The staff is humble and makes you feel at home. Food coupons are not accepted here. As it is a small restaurant, valet parking is not available. This problem will be faced by all customers who come in a car. Credit cards are also not accepted. Payments can only be made in cash. Another thing that they do not offer is alcohol. Essentially, this is a pocket-friendly restaurant for people who want to grab a bite at reasonable prices.

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