Delicious Chinese food down south!

July 6, 2013


Rating: 3 out of 5

Naktala in the south of Kolkata really surprises you with some really good food outlets. Mimi’s Kitchen is one such place that rustles up simple and tasty Chinese fare. No matter how many times you eat at this place, the taste remains the same. About three months back, I got the opportunity of ordering Chinese fare from this place. The place offers Chinese delicacies at moderate prices.

Above all their offerings, it is their soups that simply make my day. Their spicy soup dishes, namely hot and sour and manchow soup are my clear favourites amongst all their soups. The flavours and the meat along with the vegetables leave you feeling full and energised in no time. Having begun your meal on such a note, the other preparations did not disappoint either.

Their starters (like chicken drumsticks, golden fried prawns, and pepper fish) are terrific. Equally appetizing is their momos (whether steamed or fried); they do not disappoint you with their generous and juicy meat stuffing.

Similarly all the other meat dishes are juicy and succulent. Though they may be covered in a thick gravy, they are never soggy. Quantities are good and a person with very small appetite will find difficult to finish one dish. Yet their dishes are value for money especially regular chilli prawn, sweet and sour prawn, hot garlic chicken, Sichuan chicken and Manchurian fish. Though they can be had with fried rice and Hakka or gravy chow, it is their mixed Mei foon that deserves the place of honour on your table. Their light, long and soft textured Mei foon is cooked to perfection.

It is always a pleasure to have food from this restaurant; the comfortable chairs, the cosy atmosphere and the polite and well mannered servers make this place a must visit.

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