Get 5-star food at road side Anamika Roll Center

June 29, 2013

anamika roll center

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

A good friend of mine stays at New Alipur and hence I have explored a number of food joints in this area. So this time we went to Anamika Roll Center. Situated at Triangular Park adjacent to Azad Hind Dhaba, this is a road side food joint that sells a variety of rolls. Previously, it owned two stalls, one for rolls and the other for Chinese, but for some reason they have shut down the Chinese one and are only running the roll center.

I have had the pleasure of trying both their rolls and Chinese and believe me, their Chinese used to be pretty good. I have seen people drop in here driving their cars from distant places like EM Bypass, Ultadanga etc. a number of times to eat Chinese food and rolls here.

Though it is a road side small eating hub, this food joint attracts diners from local as well as distant areas because they never compromise with quality I guess. They don’t make any of their preparations too oily, and their hygienic way of preparing food (for a roadside stall!) is a big plus for this place; something rarely found in other road side eateries.

As Chinese is not available any more I better move on to their brilliant and wholesome rolls that are also the main money spinners for the owners. Imagine – with a neighbor like Azad Hind, Anamika’s is still doing very brisk business! The rolls offered here are delicious to taste. The thin paratha of the roll (fried in very less oil may I add) is really the unique thing here that you won’t find elsewhere, and this is the reason why people throng to this place instead of its neighbors. Moreover, the marinating process of the chicken, mutton or paneer pieces is really unique and you won’t need a microscope to find pieces in your roll. There is a generous portion of chicken, mutton and paneer pieces in the rolls.

Being a vegetarian, my friend always gives a thumbs up to their Onion roll though I haven’t tasted it yet. I love to gorge on their double egg double chicken or mutton rolls. The meat pieces are so succulent and soft that your taste buds will be more than pacified. Moreover, due to the double filling, one tends to relish the meat pieces more. I have also tried these rolls with potato stuffing and they are also good. The mashed potato prepared with spices gives a real treat to the taste buds. I just hope that they open the Chinese counter once again.

Note: Avoid weekends because the place is overcrowded and if you are there at the wrong time, you may find that there is nothing left to order. They are open generally from 4-9 PM but on weekdays, you will find the stall open till 9.30-10 PM. Car parking is not a problem here.

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