Dig in to Brewberrys’ Sizzling Brownies!

June 29, 2013


Rating: 3 out of 5

Today, I am really happy to review a nice café which is close to my place but one I had never visited before or noticed earlier. I am talking about Brewberrys located close to Elgin Road, near Northern Park. This is the only problem with this place – its location. If you are not very familiar with the area, it is quite difficult to find this place and that probably why I never visited this wonderful cafeteria earlier.

Brewberrys is a typical vegetarian cafeteria with the interior décor and ambience resembling a western café. A guitar hangs on the wall, a book case displays a number of books on various topics you can read here, there are animated paintings on the wall; overall, the ambience is cool and goes well with a café. Like other modern cafes, there are a lot of options to try, among which I went in for a Hazelnut Shake and Sizzling Brownie with vanilla ice cream topping dipped in choco sauce (the topping idea was given by the staff), whereas my friend (who loves spicy treats) went in for a Mexican Burger along with The Dark Horse Mojito. Among these 4 items, the Sizzling Brownie was the most tempting and will surely leave you asking for more – creamy and yummy to taste. The super soft hot brownies are arranged in pieces one on top of the other topped by a scoop of vanilla dipped in a generous helping of dark brown choco sauce – can’t really go wrong here.

It was good enough to influence my friend to order one more. The drinks, the hazelnut shake and mojito were also very refreshing. The burger was also tasty, especially the homogeneous distribution of jalapenos and salsa added real flavor to this big bite snack. I will soon be back to taste some other items but my obvious favourite here is their Sizzling Brownie with ice-cream.

Forgot to mention one thing – the rates. The rates are very pocket friendly and relatively cheaper when compared to many other cafés that have cropped out in recent years across the city.

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