Must Go to Yogo!

June 28, 2013


Rating: 3 out of 5

For a long time I have been planning to get some flavoured yoghurt – I almost never get to eat frozen dessert and avoid them as I am very prone to catching a cold.  I got this opportunity yesterday when I was on my way home from B.K. Market. I stepped into Yogo, which has recently opened at Nilamber Building on Shakespeare Sarani. I have visited Yoforia on Loudon Street a couple of times but had not eaten at Yogo yet.

The interiors are bright and quite appealing for a dessert store like this but the place is definitely not spacious. Though the place claims to provide a dine-in option, it is practically not possible to accommodate more than a few people here. However, when you are in a store like this, it is better to ignore such minor issues and concentrate on wares displayed here with a wide range of tempting toppings. I was unsure about what to choose for my frozen yoghurt (along with toppings) and was amazed at their service. The person at the counter was so helpful that he guided me through every step to get my order placed. 10 different flavors of yoghurt are available – I tried their vanilla. Various other fruity flavors are available; however, the most interesting thing is that whichever flavor you choose, you have to pay only 65p/gram, which is quite impressive considering the prices charged by many of its competitors.

Now, coming to the toppings, the range is vast with over 30 options, from which I chose kiwi, raspberry, blackberry, cherry, almonds, raisins and Oreo. The froyo creation was a marvelous treat for my eyes and sweet tooth as well. The real fruits mixed with this frozen dairy product are a real treat for your taste buds. This is a delightful value-for-money dessert place that gives real joy to your mind and soul.

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