True experience of Bengali food and culture at Tero Parbon

June 17, 2013

tero parbon

Rating: 4 out of 5

A few weeks back, at a weekend outing, we dropped in to Tero Parbon, situated at Purna Das Road near Hindustan Park. We don’t frequent restaurants that serve Bengali cuisine very often but try to visit different places every time to get a different feel.

Yes, they serve the same preparations as other restaurants in the city, but taste and other culinary factors (including the visual representation of each dish) vary a lot, and to experience such wonderful culinary art, one must visit restaurants like Tero Parbon to experience Bengali culture and food more intricately.

As we entered the place, the ambience really vibed with me. The place was so simple yet so wonderful, delivering a homely feel.  The interior décor and arrangement of dining tables and chairs resemble a Bengali house where all the family members of a large joint family would sit together at least once a day to have their meal. Everything here was so homely that not once did I feel that I was sitting in a restaurant.

Their service was quite fast and helpful. Now let’s talk about the food! There’s only one word I would use to describe all their preparations – ‘Excellent!’ Like with usual Bengali thalis, we started with white rice, shukto, echorer dalna, koraisuti dhokar dalna and mochar ghonto. With Bengali thalis, these items generally serve as appetizers. These were followed by macher moong dal with hanser dimer devil (for non-vegeterians) and cholar dal with mochar chop (for vegetarians).

With Bengali food, the dal appears as an intermediate item between appetizers and the main course. In true Bengali culinary tradition, our main course included daab chingri, bhetki gondhoraj, ilish macher paturi, kakrar jhal, and chanar kalia (for vegeterians). This huge lunch party finally came to an end with aamer chutney, rabri and malpua as a grand Bengali thali can never come to an end without misthi (dessert).

Every one of us relished each of their items. Even if you don’t try the other dishes, order their koraisuti dhokar dalna, mochar ghonto and bhetki gondhoraj. You will surely love them. And when it comes to paying the bill, you will be equally pleased as it is very well priced as well. Overall, Tero Parbon won my heart and I want to come back here again.

For non-Bengalis who want to stimulate their taste buds with the real flavors of Bengali cuisine, I give a big thumbs up to Tero Parbon!

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