Relish Bangladeshi cuisine @ Padmaparer Rannaghar

June 17, 2013

padmaparer rannaghar

Rating: 3 out of 5

Some restaurant names really beckon you strongly and Padmaparer Rannaghar is one of them in South Kolkata. Situated in Gariahat, the entrance of the restaurant is really very annoying – it barely looks like a proper food joint because of the roadside clothing stalls in front of its entrance. One will really have to look to find signage with the name of the restaurant on it. It’s probably because of this annoyance that this food joint has not yet gained a lot of popularity among foodies, despite of their quality service.

I have crossed this place several times while shopping in Gariahat but never got the opportunity to check it out. Finally last month, I managed to go there with one of my colleagues. There are many renowned eateries in Kolkata that offer authentic Bengali cuisine and I can’t place Padmaparer Rannaghar in the same category. Due to its ambience, this place falls far behind when compared to places like Oh! Calcutta, Aaheli, Tero Parbon, etc. But when it comes to the quality of food served here, Padmaparer Rannaghar stands out due to its real Bangladeshi style of cooking with its spicy curries, typical of O PAR BANGLA (East Bengal). We ordered white rice and misti pulao (sweet rice) with mochar chingri, Barishaler illish jhol and illish paturi. Along with these, we had aamer sharbot. The fish preparations were truly outstanding with a perfect blend of spices and chillies to balance the preparation perfectly with spices without making them too hot to relish.

Now, my third method of comparison – the prices; extremely reasonable compared to other Bengali cuisine eateries, especially as they offer really very good quality as well as quantity of food. Overall, this place surely calls for a high rating and popularity but lacks any form of ambience simply because of its appalling entrance and non-existent decor.

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