Real Indian flavor at Indian Spice

June 17, 2013

indian spice

Rating: 4 out of 5

Step in, manage a table by a window and the rest will automatically flow brilliantly! This one statement is enough to describe a place like Indian Spice. Nestled in one of the busy commercial areas in Jaipur at JLN Marg, Indian Spice is located on the 1st floor at UDB Corporate Towers with a corporate tinge in its entire interior décor. We reached there around 9 PM to have our dinner. Even though all four of us are not dramatically fond of veg preparations, when it comes to Rajasthani culinary art, we were all happy to compromise with our die-hard non veg taste buds and chose this destination to satiate our taste buds once again with the finest Rajasthani veg dishes one could have in Jaipur.

During our stay in Rajasthan, we had been to a number of veg restaurants but Indian Spice is probably the best among all of them in all respects – ambience, food and service. We parked our hired car in the valet parking area of the building and went to the first floor. The walls are designed in a sophisticated traditional art décor style with broken tiles. The tables and chairs are also quite simple but classy and stylish to look at. The walls are decorated with detailed Rajasthani paintings to showcase the rich heritage of the state along with simple yet elegant lamps that drop down from the ceiling, giving this place a romantic tone. On one side, tables are arranged along large windows, which is the best place to sit and dine here if you want to enjoy the beauty of the city. We took a corner seat by the window to get the glimpse of the city at night while relishing some superb Rajasthani delicacies.

We directly moved into main course which included Chhena Roti, Stuffed Kulcha, Hyderabadi Biriyani, Jodhpuri Chakki and Marwari Gatta. To accompany the Biriyani, we ordered Veg Raita. Every item was so delicious and prepared with such expert hands that you will literally lick your fingers till all the food is gone!

Unique and lovely, Jodhpuri Chakki is prepared with wheat gluten. Gatta is again my favourite among the Rajasthani preparations of this area. We spent some quality time there, relishing their superb preparations while enjoying the cityscape. The service is also really good – worthy of a 5-star rating. Whether you need them or not, the staff is always there to serve you better. Well skilled and active, they know how to treat guests, especially tourists, in a place like Jaipur that attracts people from all across the globe. Once you are there, everything is top class. After experiencing such royal treatment, the amount we spent seemed well worth it.

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