Get some true refreshment at Tapri

June 17, 2013


Rating: 3 out of 5

Wherever you go, light refreshments in the afternoon are always desirable. So while hopping around from one tourist spot to other throughout the day in Jaipur, we were so tired that we were dying for some refreshments and that was when we came across Tapri where we stopped to enjoy our ‘chai-break’. Situated at Lal Kothi on Tonk Road, Tapri is a beautiful cafeteria with both indoor as well as outdoor seating arrangements.

Though outdoor seating in cafeterias always attracts me, this time, we preferred indoor seating to relieve our exhaustion by sitting and relaxing in an air conditioned area. Like most cafeterias here, space is quite limited and as the place remains crowded most of the time, it is a common scene here that you have to wait at least for 10-15 minutes to get a table. Luckily, we got a chance to wait inside the cafeteria enjoying the cool and refreshing air of the AC while we were waiting.

The ambience and décor is just perfect for a place like this which adds color to one’s refreshments. As you scroll through the menu, the style of writing the names along with the backdrop of the page automatically starts refreshing your mind and soul. We had Masala Chai (not the kettle but single cup), lemon tea and green tea.

To accompany the tea, we had grilled cheese n chutney sandwich and curd and coconut sandwich. Orders are served very fast but the waiters need to be a little more efficient to handle the huge crowd that clusters here during the peak hours of the day. Once you will get your orders served on your table, you will rarely get a waiter for further service. It is not like they don’t bother to pay attention; they just can’t manage every table as well as customers waiting properly.

Their tea preparations were simply awesome. We revived our lagging energy and stamina with each sip of the lovely tea. The add-ons were also super – I great place to visit if you are in Jaipur though overly crowded.

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