Do not look at Chung Wah – No matter how hungry you are!

June 17, 2013

chung wah

Rating: 0.5 out of 5

It really hurts you when an old favorite starts deteriorating day by day in all respects and becomes a dreadful place for you to visit. Now, as I sit down to write about this place, it is difficult to find the appropriate words, as Chung Wah restaurant in Chadni Chowk was once one of the popular Chinese restaurants in Kolkata, though now it is truly a horrible place to visit!

The last time I was there nearly three years back, the place was average at best but this time, it was a horrible experience for me. Last Saturday, I went there with a few friends and was so shocked to enter the place. How badly the décor and ambience has deteriorated. There was no one to welcome us, all the waiters were busy gossiping and laughing.

We seated ourselves and asked for the menu. This time, they showed some activity and handed us a menu quickly. We ordered Chicken Chow (Gravy) and Chicken Chow (Hakka) along with Chilli Chicken and Manchurian Chicken. After placing our order, we had to wait for over 20 minutes to get our orders served on the table despite no real traffic. Chicken Chow (Gravy) from Chung Wah restaurant once used to be a heavenly preparation; so I ordered it thinking that it will bring back some good culinary memories (on my recommendation, one of my friends also did the same), but the gravy chow they served us was a fry cry from the one that Chung Wah used to serve earlier. I was embarrassed in front of my friends a wee bit as I had suggested we go there for lunch. The Hakka chow was barely edible, while the chilli chicken and Manchurian were truly appalling with very little chicken and too much stuffing. To make matters worse, they didn’t even taste like Chinese preparations!

I wonder how a once-reputed Chinese joint like this can prepare such poor Chinese preparations (sorry, I cant even describe them as Chinese preparations!). The staff has absolutely no manners and seriously need to learn some etiquette. The place rubs you on the wrong side in every respect. Its only advantage is perhaps its location which is the only explanation why such a horrible restaurant is still running.

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