Value for money meal@ Zaafran Restaurant!

June 13, 2013

zaafran restaurant

Rating: 3 out of 5

Zaafran Restaurant at 9 Chowringhee Lane is one of those value for money food joints. This very simple and ordinary looking restaurant believes in letting its food speak for itself. They do definitely churn out some mind blowing and delicious Chinese fare. The place exudes cosiness and comfort; this is evident in their well arranged and comfortable sitting arrangements. The place is perfect for people with a very low budget. The service is quick and fast; the staff are competent people who believe in serving the food with a smile.

Like I said earlier, their Chinese fare is simply mouth watering, fast and fresh food options. Their soups are delicious and nutritious as well. The soups (be it chicken hot and sour soup, tom yum soup or sweet corn soup) are full of flavour and are well seasoned. But the first two soups might be very spicy for those who like their soups to be less fiery. Sweet corn soup is the ideal choice for those with a delicate palate.

With regards to their staples, they offer a wide range of fried rice and noodle dishes. Items like mixed fried rice, chilli garlic fried rice and Sichuan fried rice are not only well prepared but seem to go well with their many veg and non veg side dishes. Likewise, their well cooked Hakka chow items are also delightful preparations and are perfect main course combination along with the side dishes. Whether it is the Sichuan mixed noodles or chilli garlic Hakka chow, you can be rest assured that they are non greasy and light preparations.

A meal is incomplete without ordering side dishes. Some of the popular ones that worth ordering and demolishing here are chilli chicken, sweet and sour prawn, Manchurian fish and many of the other regular Chinese side dishes – you will not go wrong here if you stick to the usual staples.

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