If nothing else, go for only lassi at BMB Food Court

June 13, 2013

bmb food court

Rating: 3 out of 5

While on our way from Sanganer village to the main city of Jaipur (after visiting the magnificent Jain temples and handicrafts industry there), we decided to go in for light refreshments before we moved on to our next destination. On the recommendation of our driver who drove us to various destinations during our stay in Jaipur, we stopped at BMB Food Court which is situated on Tonk Road.

To start with, the first thing I must say is that there is nothing in this restaurant that will amaze you but at the same time, this food joint will also not leave you disappointed. The interior decor is absolutely ordinary. When we entered there around 11.30 AM, not a single table was occupied with customers and the staff was then getting ready to start their day’s work. But as soon as we entered, they approached us with a smile and started instructing each other in a typical Rajasthani accent to get ready quickly so that they could serve us properly. We made them feel easy by saying that there is no hurry as we were there just for some snacks and not for lunch.

They handed us a menu card and gave us some cold water. Having dined here, I must conclude that they offer very fast service. After the scorching heat of the blazing sun, this air conditioned place was like heaven for us. We relaxed in our seats and went through the menu card deciding to have a Paneer Tikka Grilled Sandwich, Papri Chaat, Badam Thandai and Jodhpuri Makhaniya Lassi. Soon after placing the order, our drinks were served within a few minutes along with the chaat. The lassi was really the best option for that hot sultry day. They took a few minutes more to serve the sandwich though it was also quite good. We liked the lassi so much that we ordered another round of this beverage. After all this, we paid only Rs. 560/- for four of us, which is quite pocket friendly in any book.

The lassi is the best thing this place has to offer – something that anyone visiting this small eatery must have.

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