Dig into the delights of sandesh and doi @ Mithai

June 13, 2013


Rating: 4 out of 5

If you are a die-hard lover of sweet meats and yoghurts, explore all the sweet meat shops in the city but I bet you won’t find any such shop in the city that can come close to Mithai when it comes to misti doi, the most unique item of this store. There are many big names in the world of sweet meat stores in Kolkata like Balaram Mullick, Ganguram, Bancharam, Gupta Brothers and more, but when it comes to misti doi, Mithai is always right up there at the top.

I stay close by, and Mithai is a local sweet shop for me. Every morning, I find that the store is overcrowded with customers getting out of the shop with large packets of sweets and snacks from the store. By 12 noon, you will find that their shelves are almost empty with some less popular items still occupying a few trays. It’s the same in the evening. On some days, if you go and ask for Singharas at 6PM, they will say – ‘all sold out’. By 9 to 9.30 PM all the shelves are almost empty. Moreover, they never sell any leftovers; even if there are one or two items left, they offer them to the beggars at the end of the day before closing the store.

Now – coming to their hot listed items. Apart from misti doi, another unique item sold here is their bonde (bundi). Here, the bonde is totally different to look at. Light yellow with a crystal clear look. As I mentioned earlier, Mithai cannot be compared with any renowned sweet shops in Kolkata (neither in ambience nor in the wide variety of options they serve), but people still come from distant areas to try their sandesh’s. Sankha and padma are the only two designer styles they offer in sandesh apart from the normal square and round ones, though I am not a huge fan of these types. Though, they also offer rose, mango and elaichi flavored sandesh’s these are not the best here. In winter season, when fresh ‘gur’ (jaggery) comes into the market, they prepare Nolen Gurer Sandesh and Gur Rassogulla both of which are truly outstanding.

Owing to the huge popularity of the original store at Beck Bagan, Mithai has opened a second outlet at Gariahat a few years back, maintaining the same quality in both the outlets. If you haven’t been to Mithai yet, make sure that you visit the place soon because this store will never ever disappoint you (in quality or price).

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