Delicious Thai dishes @ Oriental Plaza!

June 13, 2013

oriental plaza

Rating: 3 out of 5

You can cap your hard day’s work of shopping with a scrumptious dinner at Oriental Plaza. The restaurant is easy to locate as it is housed in the famous landmark near New Market, the New Empire cinema building. The place is spacious with comfortable sitting arrangements. The tables and chairs are well arranged and neatly divided. The oriental décor is grandeur personified. Much attention has been paid on getting the details right when it comes to the décor and the interiors. Even the menu is quite exhaustive and extensive. The place serves some delicious Chinese and Thai delicacies. The service is prompt and efficient. The food quantity and quality justify the cost that it commands. The food is fresh and healthy; not to mention tasty as well. The place is essentially a good option for Thai dishes – one could avoid the Chinese here as it is not their strong suit.

They serve delicious and authentic Thai soups, especially the two most common ones like tom yum koong and tom kha kai.  The first is a Thai hot and sour prawn soup that simply tickles your taste buds with its distinct hot and sour flavours and the fragrant herbs that are generally used in making such a soup. The second soup is intense and aromatic (like the first soup but with coconut milk) and is a great option for those who prefer less spicy soups.

For the main course, their mixed spicy fried rice with basil in the meat of your choice is a delightful preparation to have. Equally tasty and filling, their meat dishes cooked with red curries or green curries are really nice and full of thai flavour. The curries and the Thai jasmine rice make a wonderful main course combination. Alternatively, one can opt for good old phat Thai or stir fried rice noodles both of which are simply irresistible (in place of their rice staples).

Your meal is not over unless you have their wide range of dessert options like darsaan, date pancakes, toffee apple, toffee walnut and others – the toffee apple and darsaan were quite nice.

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