June 8, 2013

the rose

Rating: 3 out of 5

In Kolkata, there are four outlets of The Rose. Of them, two are bakeries and the other two are restaurants. While one bakery is located in Salt Lake Sector V the other is in College Street. Along with the Lake Town outlet, The Rose is one of those few restaurants in Kolkata that provides a very friendly dining experience. The place comes with not only comfortable sitting arrangements but it can accommodate a lot of people. They specialize in both Chinese and North Indian food. Though the décor is simple and understated, it looks nice without being too glamorous.

Their Chinese and North Indian delicacies are neither priced too high nor too low. At the same time, the cost is justified for the kind of food quality and quantity put up by them.  Some North Indian items to be had from here are chicken reshmi masala, chicken tawa masala, fish tawa masala, mutton rogan josh and mutton handi masala. These dishes are full of flavour and cooked with the right amount of Indian spices. Some vegetable delights to go with the non veg are their pindi chana, palak paneer, paneer butter masala. Their kebabs like paneer tikka, chicken reshmi kebab, mutton lakhnoi kebab and fish irani kebab are delightful tandoori items.  The meat pieces are juicy and tender. The portions are ample and more than enough for one person.

They are also adept at making some very delicious regular Chinese dishes. If you must have Chinese here, the ones that you can have as part of your meal are chicken fried rice, garlic chicken, Manchurian fish, chilli prawn and chilli paneer. The customer service is prompt and efficient, and the servers are quick with their service. Essentially, this is a wonderful restaurant that serves good Indian food.

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