June 8, 2013

dan sin quin

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Dan Sin Quin in Tangra tries to stand out from among the other restaurants through its stylish and trendy décor. The restaurant is very spacious with comfortable and adequate sitting arrangements. The tables and chairs are well placed and are neatly divided. There are figurines and statues at appropriate places. The pictures on the walls further enhance the elegance of the place. The service is fast and efficient with courteous and friendly staff who will even guide you in your food selection.

Besides the glamorous setting of the restaurant, the food served is equally attractive and appealing. The preparations are not only tasty but authentic as well. They have many and varied starters on offer.  Although all of their starters are delightful preparations, some highly popular and tasty ones are fried wantons and chilli baby corn – this is actually a great place for vegetarians to visit. Equally delightful treats are their non veg starters like konjee crispy lamb, five spiced chicken, lat Mei kai and fried prawns. Their soups are not only light but well seasoned and bursting with flavour. Soups like tom yum soup, hot and sour soup and manchow soup have the perfect balance of spiciness, sourness, sweetness and saltiness.

For the main course, the side dishes that you cannot simply resist from ordering are chilli fish, hot garlic chicken, chilli wine chicken, chilli roasted lamb (my top pick!) and sweet and sour prawns. To go with these very succulent and tender meat dishes you can order any of their rice and noodle staples. The food portions are ample and quite filling.  You can end your meal here with their dessert selections which (surprisingly for a Tangra restaurant) includes darsaan, date pancake, toffee walnut and choice of ice creams.

Dining in such a place is definitely worth every single penny. The food is neither priced too high nor too low. They definitely want to provide a complete dining experience which includes good food in a comfortable and sophisticated setting, something I wash all other restaurants in Tangra would try to do.

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