Really a Talk of the Town!

June 7, 2013


Rating: 3 out of 5

While returning to Hotel Janak Palace after a day’s trip at different tourist spots in Jaipur, we (my friends and I) planned to drop in at the hotel with some lip smacking dishes from a nearby restaurant because all four of us were so exhausted after an entire day’s trip that we didn’t have any more energy to sit and relish our dinner at any restaurant. We asked for a recommendation to our driver and he suggested us to try Talk of The Town.

Really a Talk of the Town! Situated at MI Road near our hotel, this restaurant is really a great place for all those carnivores like me who love to gorge into delicious non-veg preparations at any time. This food hub does not have any sitting arrangement (go figure! I am talking about last year; don’t know whether they have expanded the place now – I suggested they should to their management).  They were offering only take away, but as soon as you take a bite of their barbecue preparations or have a spoonful of their biriyani, it is so delightful that you will not describe this take away corner lightly.

With our order, we included a full Pudina Chicken, Lal Maas and Chicken Biriyani. The list was quite precise but our dinner was wholesome. Truly speaking, there are very few such food joints in Kolkata that offer such quality food for such reasonable prices. The Pudina Chicken was very soft and juicy, prepared with a blend of Rajasthani spices and pudina leaves making the item really delicious. Lal Maas, as usual, one of the best non-veg items prepared in Rajasthan with its famous lal mirchi, tasted awesome when accompanied by the Biriyani. The place is really an awesome one to enjoy non-veg delicacies.

My only suggestion to the restaurant owner was that, even if he could not have a seating area for diners yet, please expand this superb food joint and open a branch in our city as well!

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