June 3, 2013


Rating: 3 out of 5

Nandini is a very popular food joint in the Behala area of Kolkata. The place serves awesome Chinese and Indian delicacies. This place is ideal for a family dine out; the ambience is soothing with eye pleasing décor. The place exudes simplicity and comfort. The seating arrangements have been well planned and well laid out. The service is fast and efficient. The food is served within ten to fifteen minutes of ordering for them. The servers are not only courteous but informative as well. They even offer to guide you in food selection.

They have on offer a wide array of food options in their Chinese section. For instance, the fried rice offerings contain some exotic and innovative options that might surprise you. Thus, you have fried rice options like egg wrapped fried rice, wood ear fried rice, garlic fried rice and ginger capsicum fried rice.

Their lamb and crab dishes are not only delicious but filling as well. Lamb dishes like lamb in hot garlic sauce or ginger onion sauce or green chilli sauce are not only innovative but lip smacking fare. Likewise, they have on offer some wholesome and tasty crab options like chilli crab and Sichuan crab. The same can be said for their other meat dishes like Manchurian chicken, Sichuan chicken, chilli fish and prawns cooked in sauces selected by you.

While only a select few restaurants in Kolkata offer dim sum options; very few offer lamb momos and lamb suimais as dim sum options. The sizes and portions of their dimsums are ample and filling to say the least.  Besides the Chinese fare, the place is value for money for their Indian offerings. You can take your pick from their well seasoned tandoori items, biryanis and other veg and non veg options. Though the dishes might be spelled incorrectly, they are cooked perfectly. The food quantity and quality justifies the food prices printed in the menu.

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