Surya Mahal – The name goes well with the Rajasthani food they serve

June 1, 2013

surya mahal

Rating: 4 out of 5

Last year, during my Rajasthan trip while we were on our way to our hotel from the Jaipur railway station, we stopped at Surya Mahal for breakfast, though it was almost 10AM. This food joint is very close to the Sanganeri Gate and we got the glimpse of the beautiful architecture of this area from our car just a few minutes before we dropped into this restaurant.

We all were quite hungry and exhausted after long journey from Ajmer to Jaipur. But as we reached, we were so warmly greeted by the staff that our exhaustion disappeared right there. They probably realized that we were tourists, and their manager (I am not sure if he was THE manager) approached us with a pleasing smile and asked us where we were from. We replied Kolkata, and soon the person shared his opinions and experiences about his visit to Kolkata with us. In the meantime, we placed our order and he also guided us in choosing the right options after understanding our respective tastes. We placed an order for Masala Kulcha’s, Gatte ki sabzi, Rajasthani thali, a Barn Mexicana Burger and coffee. The restaurant staff was quite fast and served us within 10 minutes. In those ten minutes, the manager suggested some places for us to visit in the city.

As soon as our orders were served, he excused himself allowing us to share quality time amongst ourselves while relishing their beautiful preparations. We were already hungry, and after getting such awesome food, we relished every bite of it. Each item was lovingly cooked and the Gatte ki sabzi was just out of the world. We were very happy and satisfied with our meal to say the least! The breakfast (or brunch) was really wholesome. No compromise with quantity or quality, and at the same time, the price was also quite reasonable.

To give an unbiased rating to this food joint, I must rate it as 4/5 with breakups like:

Food: Awesome – 5/5

Service: Very good – 4.5/5

Ambience: Average – 3/5 as the ambience was very simple with a tinge of Rajasthani interior décor and decent sitting arrangements.

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