Full of tantalizing Italian delicacies with very poor service @ Little Italy

June 1, 2013

little italy

Rating: 2 out of 5

Situated at Prithviraj Road very near Hotel Janak Palace, I dropped in at Little Italy last year when I was on a short trip to Rajasthan. Jaipur is really a wonderful city and the authentic Rajasthan cuisine here is also very delectable, whether it is from a road side stall or a top rated restaurant. But as you already know – I am very fond of Italian cuisine, and could not resist a glance at the pink city’s Little Italy while on my way to Hotel Janak Palace. So, I made up my mind to drop in.

I hopped into the restaurant with my friend as we both have a good appetite for Italian food. As we entered the place with a wholesome appetite looking forward to tasting Italian recipes after a long time, initially we were not too bothered with the ambience and the hospitality. But as time went by, we realized that the staff here is not at all friendly.

The ambience was simple – not too extravagant but beautifully maintained. We settled down comfortably, but all alone. To my surprise, not a single waiter approached us with a welcoming smile or offered to serve us! However, I ignored this attitude and concentrated on the menu. There was an array of delicacies in the list with a short description about each item alongside.  After about 10 minutes after we had entered the restaurant, a waiter came to take our order, though there were no other diners to attend. I wanted to take some help from the waiter in choosing the right option and asked him about how the Cannelloni Alla Fiorentina was. Much to our surprise, the waiter rudely told us to consult the menu saying that everything was written on it. We were simply stunned at such behavior (so much for the rich history of culture and hospitality in the land of the Rajputs!). We were very annoyed but didn’t linger on the matter much, as we were just tourists and not familiar about this restaurant.

We had Puttanesca Pasta with extra cheese, Spinaci Salsa and finally the Cannelloni Alla Fiorentina. Each of these preparations was really good (and quite expensive as well!). Cost would not have been a factor if the service was good. Moreover, since Jaipur is such a popular tourist spot and draws tourists from distant countries, the restaurant’s service here must be improved to guide tourists properly in choosing the right dish.

My final verdict for all food lovers with a great Italian appetite must be: If you are in Jaipur, do visit this place to satisfy your taste buds with their tantalizing Italian preparations, but don’t expect any warm hospitality or gratifying service from the staff there. Simply go and concentrate on your food.

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