Foreigner? Visit Niros for sure! Indian? Best of luck!

June 1, 2013


Rating: 2.5 out of 5

As I have already mentioned in other reviews, I was on a trip to Rajasthan last year, and while I was there, I visited a number of restaurants. Niros was one of those eating hubs we visited on the day we visited Hawa Mahal. It was around 3 PM when we entered the place to have our lunch after exploring the famous (but really badly kept and sadly dilapidated) Hawa Mahal. The restaurant was very nicely decorated with simple but elegant decorative pieces.

We (my friends and I) settled down comfortably at a 4-seater table. The seats are really comfortable to relax in as they are designed in a sofa style with soft cushions. From the ambience of this place, we were under the illusion that the service must be very good, but when no one came forward to greet us while we were entering our impression slowly changed. Within a few minutes, the waiter came with a menu and placed it on our table without even a smile on his face. We had a huge appetite for lunch as it was almost 3PM, so we deliberately ignored all this and totally concentrated on the menu. From their Rajasthani delicacies, we chose Lal Maans and switched over to Chinese preparations where we chose Veg Fried Rice, Chicken Fried Rice, Chicken in Sichuan Sauce and Sichuan Fish Dry. They served our dishes within 15 minutes. The Lal Maans was really awesome, prepared typically in Rajasthani style with red chilli powder to bring out that tempting color in the preparation. The other items were also very good, though slightly different from the taste that we usually have in Kolkata.

Coming to the most important part of our dining experience, their behavior…atrocious! While we were relishing our food and were about to finish, we called a waiter to order another plate of Veg Fried Rice. The man replied firmly, “No more orders please…We will close the restaurant now…We are only waiting for you to complete”, and sited the reason for temporary closure because of Diwali approaching and they needed to clean up the restaurant before the festival. We were so surprised that we hurriedly finished the rest and made our payment. The rates (as you can already see in Zomato’s menu list) are quite expensive. While we were making our exit, a group of foreigners entered. Much to our surprise, they greeted the foreigners in a very nice manner and offered them a menu card while guiding them to their seats. Then, no Diwali excuse – nothing. Is this the behavior expected from an Indian to another Indian? Later, while sharing this experience with a local there, we heard that many stores and restaurants do this, mainly to make more profit from foreigners; rather, to loot the foreigners as they are not at all familiar with the place.

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