Good but dubious food at Olypub!

May 24, 2013


Rating: 3 out of 5

Enjoying good food at a popular restaurant is a dream for every foodie, but the problem is you cannot judge a restaurant by its décor and style until you taste its food, just as you cannot judge a book by its cover until you read its content. My experience of eating at Olypub was somewhat quirky! I had no plans of eating at Olypub. But, yes I was in Park Street to dine at a popular restaurant. My blunder was that I didn’t care to book a restaurant beforehand and I had to pay for this lack of foresight. It was Sunday and Park Street was thronging with food lovers and connoisseurs, all ready to gorge lip smacking delicacies offered at various restaurants. I waited for forty-five minutes but with no hope of getting a table for myself, I decided to dine at some other restaurant in Park Street. It was only then I came across Olypub at 21, Park Street, Kolkata.

Frankly speaking, I was not quite impressed by its décor and ambience. The service was satisfactory, but they could improve on it. Voraciously hungry, I ignored all these trivialities and focussed on their varied preparations. I ordered chicken soup, chilli prawns, hamburger steak (mutton), chicken butter masala and tandoori roti. The quality of food served at Olypub was awesome and quantity was enormous. I knew I could not finish everything alone and requested the waiter to pack some for home. I savoured the mouth-watering flavour and the delicious aroma of chicken soup and simply loved the chilli prawns. I also loved the hamburger steak (mutton), which was so appetizing. I did not like the way they had prepared the chicken butter masala, which was too oily and too spicy though the tandoori rotis were soft and succulent.

After a very long time, I actually enjoyed such good food in a restaurant. I am looking forward to a second visit at Olypub. You may not like the ambience or standards of hygiene, but believe me you’ll just love the food here!

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