Dine like royals at Daawat E Shiraz!

May 24, 2013

daawat e shiraz

Rating: 3 out of 5

If you want to dine in regal style, then Daawat E Shiraz should be your next stop. Whether it’s the name or the ambience, the restaurant has a touch of royalty in it, and diners will feel like royal members while dining here. My great regal dining experience at Daawat E Shiraz was a few months ago. Often, I found my friends praising this restaurant- its food, service and ambience, but never made plans to dine here. It was only a few months ago when my cousin, a great fan of Moglai cuisine, suggested we should drop in here and try some of their yummy preparations. It was a good opportunity to visit this restaurant, which I wanted visit after hearing about it from my friends.

Quite unabashedly I confess that I always thought my friends exaggerate a lot. That is why I never took their suggestion seriously. I thought it will be like any other good restaurant in Kolkata, clean and cosy. Well, I was proven wrong. On entering the restaurant premises, I was entranced by the artful décor and lavish ambience. We were welcomed like royals into the restaurant. The restaurant staff showed us to our table and provided us with menu’s. The plush interior, decorated with classy ceiling lights and LEDs, was just too modish! The restaurant has seating arrangement for many diners. Impressed with everything there, we now decided to place our order.

It was indeed difficult to choose from their lavish list. However we settled for some Daawat-e-paneer (cottage cheese seasoned with Indian spices and chilli flakes and then roasted  in tandoor), mawa bhara khumb (button mushrooms stuffed with cheese and onions and then char-grilled), gilafee seekh kebab (minced mutton infused with Indian hot spices and coated with finely chopped bell-pepper and roasted in tandoor), nawab-e-dal (black urad with garlic and tomato puree, simmered overnight on tandoor and finished with butter and cream), murgh patiala (braised chicken sautéed with onion, cooked in cashew gravy, garnished with boiled egg), garlic naan and zafrani pulao ( saffron flavoured steamed basmati rice).  After a sumptuous meal, pista phirnee (rice and pistachio pudding) made our day! I must say Daawat E Shiraz is the ideal place for those who just love to dig into delicious food! Fair warning – this is NOT a casual muslim restaurant – go prepared for some serious mughlai food at steep prices. This is fine dining at over Rs. 650/- per head easy, hence my slightly lower rating.

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