May 23, 2013

hamro momo

Rating: 1.5 out of 5

Hamro Momo is a small food joint that serves tasty Chinese food in unhealthy surroundings. The ambience and surroundings are poor and ordinary to say the least. The price is what makes this joint a much favored place in spite of the unhygienic tag associated with this place.

The place is too small for a dine in, and hygiene being an important issue, it is best to eat in the comfort of your home. Despite this, the place is always packed with people especially the student crowd.  In spite of the apparent and most significant negative, the place is a popular food joint for its cheap fare.

The place is frequented by regulars and newcomers for its scrumptious momos. Whether the momos are steamed, fried or pan-fried, they are always juicy and tasty and meaty as well. Though they serve pork momos and pork dishes, (one assumes they use good quality pork); this meat item should be had with a measure of caution. Some of their popular and fast moving items are chilli baby corn, chilli chicken, chilli pepper chicken and chilli Manchurian. All of the items mentioned in the menu are generally available. Though they serve thukpa dishes as well; their thukpa dishes can be a letdown on off days when you decide to try them. I remember this one instance when the soup tasted more bland than usual. Their fried rice and noodle preparations are well made without being too greasy or heavy for everyday consumption.

If you do muster up the courage to have food there, you should avoid looking at the kitchen as the sight of the open drain in it might just ruin your appetite. This place is best suited for the brave who can stomach their kind of cooking.


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