What a delectable spread at Oh! Calcutta!

May 22, 2013

oh calcutta

Rating: 4 out of 5

I used to wonder why Bengalis are called great foodies.  But after eating at Oh! Calcutta I know why. You cannot help but dig into a whole range of preparations when the food is so tasty and tantalizing.  I was not a big fan of Bengali food (having only eaten it at Bengali weddings earlier!) and every time I visited a restaurant, I preferred to order Chinese, continental, Italian or north Indian cuisine. It was only a few years back that I decided to dine at Oh! Calcutta with a friend (who kept insisting that we go there once). He is a die-hard fan of Bengali food and cannot think of any other cuisine other than Bengali food when he is dining out. Oh! Calcutta has two outlets in Kolkata- one at Elgin Road (Forum Mall) and another at E M Bypass.  We decided to try the one at Elgin.

Yes, Oh! Calcutta is an expensive restaurant, where a meal for two costs Rs.1200 + tax and service charges. Nevertheless, I really liked their cool ambience and simply loved their sumptuous spread.  I was also impressed at the services rendered by the restaurant staff. The waiters were attentive and prompt in responding to our summons.

We enjoyed a sumptuous dinner at Oh! Calcutta. We had bhapa Ilish boneless ( boneless Hilsa fillet marinated with full bodied mustard and chillies, wrapped in banana leaf and then steamed to perfection), Murshidabadi murgi fry ( pan fried grilled chicken with aromatic herbs and served with a yogurt dip), mochar chop ( banana flower croquettes), jhinge allo posto ( ridge gourd and potatoes with poppy seeds), mochar ghanto ( dry cooked banana flower with coconut slivers), bhaja mooger daal ( moong bean daal with green peas and tempered with garam masala and ghee), chilgri malai curry ( prawns prepared on a traditional coconut cream curry) with steamed basmati rice. We ended our lavish meal with mishti doi (Bengal’s famous sweet yogurt) and rossogolla.

I just loved the food here and I would love to come back to this place once again!

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