The magic of Moulin Rouge- just enjoy it!

May 22, 2013

moulin rouge

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

When you think of the old restaurants in Kolkata the name of Moulin Rouge crops up in your mind time and again. Moulin Rouge, one of the oldest restaurants in Kolkata is known for its hip ambience. The light music playing in the background, the tantalizing aroma of the food and the monotonous humming of the customers- all combine to create a truly entrancing ambience. Eating at Moulin Rouge was like a dream come true in its hey days. I have been past Moulin Rouge many times and always yearned to eat here. The colourful entrance (decorated with flashing red LEDs) always welcomed me. It was only a few months ago that I actually got to dine there.

Accompanied by a friend of mine, I reached this restaurant on a particular Sunday evening. I was quite impressed by the way we were welcomed inside the restaurant – good service. Once inside, we were shown our table by a friendly waiter. I was quite impressed by its artful decor and cool ambience.

Next, it was our turn to order our dinner. Moulin Rouge offers a whole range of lip smacking delicacies and I’ll not be surprised if you get utterly confused while choosing your items. We were totally confused, wanting to taste all the delicacies listed on the menu. Nevertheless, we controlled our wild gourmand desires and settled for some fish mayonnaise (poached fish covered with mayonnaise and served on bed of Russian salad) as a starter and asparagus soup. For our main course, we settled for grilled crab, chicken casserole (a unique preparation of chicken and vegetable cooked in white sauce), and chicken a-la-Kiev (a lip smacking preparation of fried chicken breast stuffed with butter, mushroom – my absolute favourite!).

Moulin Rouge also offers a wide variety of Indian delicacies, but we decided to go in for its Continental preparations. After a sumptuous meal, we had chocolate mousse which was simply yummy! Eating at Moulin Rouge can be an expensive affair with a meal for two costing about Rs.1300 (extra if you have alcohol). Nevertheless, this is one of the better restaurants in Kolkata that has retained its old colours even today.

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