May 21, 2013

punjabee rasoi

Rating: 3 out of 5

If you are looking for innovative but authentic Punjabi and Mughlai dishes, Punjabee Rasoi is the place to be. The location of this restaurant might put off certain people; the place is a little troublesome to find as it is located in a slummy neighbourhood (my reason for giving it a 3). Nevertheless, this popular establishment ranks high among many restaurants serving North Indian cuisine here. Their fare is not only innovative but delicious and mouthwatering as well. They offer comfortable and well arranged sitting arrangements, albeit in a small area.

This small establishment, located near Geetanjali Stadium, serves some of the best selections of kebabs in the city. Some of their popular and house kebab bestsellers are chicken lasooni kebab, mutton adrak ke panje, chicken khushnawa kebab and fish tikka. The kebabs are juicy and soft and the taste lingers on even after they have melted in the mouth. It is also a well known fact that they make some of the most lightest and non greasy biryani preparations. Their biryani always leave a light feeling in your stomach as they do not use dalda in their cooking at all (this is a HUGE plus if you understand how biryani is meant to be cooked and how much damage dalda does to our system). At the same time, the food does not lose its flavour even if you reheat it the next day.

For vegetarians, their pulao items like paneer pulao and jeera pulao are also worth considering. Equally well prepared are their flatbreads like nans, kulchas, parathas and rotis. Among the many nans on offer it is their Kabuli nan and garlic cheese nan that have a loyal fan following. Other popular side dishes for consumption are mutton jhal frezi, aloo bharwan, corn palak, dal makhani, chicken reshmi butter masala, chicken tikka butter masala and egg tarka.

The service is prompt and efficient, and the servers are well mannered and friendly.  The food portions are ample especially at the price that they charge.

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