May 21, 2013

sanjha chulha

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

For people who love north Indian food, Sanjha Chulha, located very near Science City, provides a decent dining experience. In comparison with other North Indian restaurants this is not a much sought after restaurant. The ambience and décor of the new section of the restaurant greatly enhances the dining experience at the restaurant though it is definitely nothing great, so do not raise your expectations too much. The jeweled tone décor lends a sophisticated atmosphere to the whole setting. The seating arrangements are comfortable and cozy, but at times it could get too cramped for comfort.

Their food and service needs improvement though. The place serves food that tastes is very inconsistent (sometimes excellent to middling) at economical prices. The food is economical considering the quantity and quality of food they serve (on a good day the food is quite nice!). At the same time, the food served here does bring out the essence of roadside dhaba fare. Consistency is not a strong point of this food joint. Sometimes, their roti would be stiff and unpalatable. The quality of their meat items (be it chicken, mutton, or fish) suffer from the occasional drop in standard.

Nevertheless, they do have some meat dishes that are house bestsellers. No meal is complete without having them. These are handi da kukkad, chicken malai kebab, Kadhai chicken, tandoori fish, rogan josh and tandoori chicken. These can be had with their array of Indian bread offerings. Amongst them, the garlic Nan deserves a mention. On the surface of the nans, you will find crisp and caramelized garlic pieces. Even their dal and soup preparations are wonderful side dishes. The flavours and aromas of the Indian spices used in the dishes are evident in all of them. A proper North Indian meal cannot do without their good old lassi and soda shikanji. To round off the meal they offer desserts like firni, rabri and gulab Jamun of which the firni is the only one we have tried.


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