May 21, 2013

copper chimney

Rating: 3 out of 5

Copper Chimney at City Centre mall will definitely have a very long innings. The lavish and opulent décor makes dining out here a grand experience. The whole place is done up in very earthy tones which in a way curtails the grandness of this place. The ambience is further enhanced by the large lights enclosed in copper colour shades that you find hanging from their high ceilings.

The most notable aspect of this restaurant is that their meat dishes are always cooked to perfection. For instance, their mutton seekh kebab is cooked to perfection. The meat is tender and soft. Similarly, their mutton or chicken or prawn biryani is a delish with right amount of spices and lots of mutton or chicken or prawn pieces. Whichever biryani you may opt for the biryani is always light and flavorsome. Even other popular dishes like murg makhani and murgh rara cannot be given a miss. These Copper Chimney dishes are cooked in rich tomato gravy and encapsulate the flavour of the Indian spices very well. Equally popular is their Reshmi Chelo (though I didn’t much care for it nor did I think it was in the same league as Peter Cat). The soft and juicy kebabs with buttered cream rice always make a decent combo. The meat portions are adequate for the price that they command.

For desserts, they have on offer a lot of Indian sweet dishes like ras malai, kulfi, rabri, a special form of rabdi called muzaffar and many more. The cost for eating out here is not too high nor is it too low. The food service is fast and efficient. The staff is courteous and helpful. The food is served within ten to fifteen minutes of ordering. Like in other classy and sophisticated restaurants, Copper Chimney makes use of technology in place of pen and paper feedback; you can leave your feedback by filling up the review form on the iPad itself. This is definitely a plus, but if one is comparing, their branches in Mumbai are far better.

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