May 21, 2013

chawlas 2

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

The Punjabi food doled out at Chawlas 2 is simply unmatchable. The food is not only full of the aromatic flavours of Indian spices but rustic as well. The staff at the restaurant is friendly and well mannered, and will guide you in the selection of food. The décor provides the much needed vibrancy in a restaurant of such a kind. The décor is done up nicely and beautifully. The big glass window, the splash of bright colours here and there, and the comfortable and soft leather seats lends a fine look to this place. The ambience is further enhanced by the use of portraits, little notes, dupattas, bangles and glass jars filled with gulaal. All of these exude the warmth and vibrancy which are synonymous with the state of Punjab and its food as well.

The place is excellent for sampling North Indian fare. Their tandoori items like tandoori chicken, chicken tangri, chicken reshmi kebab and chicken tikka retain the same flavour. Their butter prawn and butter chicken are the two most luscious and sinful dishes prepared at Chawlas 2.

The cream chicken (which is their signature dish) is a much loved as well as much hated dish – you will either love it or hate it (I didn’t like it)!. The cream chicken is a spicy and hot dish with generous use of pepper. The chicken is soft but the use of pepper might turn off some people; nevertheless, cream chicken is an acquired taste.

All of their bread items, be it garlic nan, butter nan or lachha parathas are uniformly good. They go very well with dishes like Kadhai paneer, dal Makhani, chicken malai tikka kebab, stuffed chicken tangri kebab, and mushroom tikka. Even Keema kulchas with gravy is not a bad option. The food here is meant to be relished with traditional Punjabi beverages like soda shikanji and lassi. All in all, the restaurant is recommended for its affordable and tasty Punjabi treats.

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