I really liked the Lebanese delicacies at Royal Lebanese!

May 20, 2013

royal lebanese

Rating: 4 out of 5

What I like about Lebanese cuisine is the freshness of the ingredients and the strong aroma of the herbs and spices that are used for seasoning food. For a long time, I have been looking for a popular food joint in Kolkata where I could get the same taste of authentic Lebanese cuisine as I had in a popular Lebanese restaurant in Turkey. I came across many restaurants serving lip smacking Chinese, Indian or Continental dishes, but could not find a single restaurant that solely specialized in Lebanese cuisine. It was only a few days back when I discovered a cosy, little Lebanese restaurant on Sarat Bose Road. Located just opposite Deshapriya Park, Royal Lebanese is one such restaurant in Kolkata where you get to eat lip smacking Lebanese food at very nominal rates (food for two costs Rs.200 approximately + tax)!

Actually, I was walking on the road just opposite Deshapriya Park when my eyes suddenly fell on the restaurant’s signboard. Totally exhausted after work, I decided to pacify my hungry gut that was already giving me signals that it wanted fooooood!  To be very frank I did not like their seating arrangement – the place is too cramped up and has only a few chairs and tables. It is not a perfect place to dine with family or group of friends, but I was alone and overlooked these issues. Once comfortably seated, I flipped the pages of their menu and finally settled for some Humus Nasseb & Pita Bread ( unique chicken preparation where juicy chicken chunks are served with Humus and Pita bread), Iranian Kay Kabab ( a delicious dish of marinated chunks of chicken breast , charcoal skewered and served with Pita bread and sauce), and chicken arbi biryani ( a tasty preparation of special rice, potato, carrot, 2 pieces of chicken seasoned with ghee and extra virgin olive oil and served with Irani raita.

I must say that food was really good and I was reminded of the popular Lebanese restaurant I ate at in Istanbul while I was holidaying there. The use of olive oil, spices and herbs were in right proportions to tantalize my taste buds. After a sumptuous meal, I ordered some bajbouja (a scrumptious almond dessert prepared with semolina) which was delicious. Lebanese food is neither too spicy nor too oily, and you will surely like the rawness and freshness of the varied ingredients used for preparing Lebanese food. Just hit this place once and you’ll know what I mean.

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