Eat in style at Trincas!

May 20, 2013


Rating:3 out of 5

Trincas is one such restaurant in Kolkata that has witnessed the changes in the city in the last five decades, yet has been able to retain its uniqueness and authenticity. Not long back, eating at Trincas was a class symbol. The restaurant became even more popular for iconic singer Usha Uthup, who used to give regular jazz and pop music performances at Trincas during the 70’s. Time changed and many more restaurants opened up in Park Street, but even today Trincas is preferred by foodies who want to eat in style while listening to live music.  Trincas became popular for upholding the so-called pop culture in Kolkata. It is one of the oldest restaurants where people dined listening to light music or enjoying dance forms like cabaret.  But, these are only added factors that make Trincas popular. Trincas serves lip-smacking food and that is the main reason behind their popularity and fame for so many decades.

A whole lot of items are listed on their menu card and people often get confused while placing their order. I have been to this restaurant thrice in the last year alone, and every time I found myself jumping from one item to another until the waiter helped me to select a few items.  Yes, it is just not possible to taste every item listed on the menu. Nevertheless, I have had a chance to taste their really delicious chicken pakoras, paneer sheekh kebab, chicken malai kebab, dragon chicken, chilli prawns, chilli garlic roast lamb, chilli pork dry, panner tikka masala, chicken bharta, fish jhalfrezi, chicken pulao, peas pulao, buttered lachha paratha and chicken tetrazzini during my visits at Trincas and all of them were respectable.

I really liked their date pancakes with ice cream and caramel custard, which I had twice after my sumptuous meal.  I think Trincas must be given credit for serving delectable cocktails of which my favourite is their Pina Colada. Everytime I have been at Trincas, I have a Pinacolada.

Eating at Trincas is an expensive affair (a meal for two costs about Rs.1200 + tax). But, visit this restaurant once and you’ll really love their lip-smacking preparations – and the music is nice too!


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