Eat to your heart’s content at Banzara!

May 16, 2013


Among the few things that can put you off about a restaurant, the most important is the price factor. When the cost of food is too high, you think twice before dining in a restaurant. Most important of all, you cannot drop in at any time with just a few hundred in your pocket. Again, most of the time you cannot afford to taste more than two to three items as ordering something extra means you burn a bigger hole in your pocket. Sometimes, you just cannot afford to eat in an overly expensive restaurant. But, when each item is reasonably priced and each preparation (veg or non-veg) tastes awesome, you are more likely to visit that restaurant again and again.

I must say that Banzara at 86, Ibrahimpur Road, Jadavpur, Kolkata, is one restaurant where you would die to eat again if you once taste their awesome Chinese and Indian food preparations. I have been there twice. Once I got to taste some of their authentic Chinese preparations, and the second time I gorged on some north Indian delicacies. Eating at Banzara was fun because both times I was accompanied by my close friends, who just loved the food here.

Among its wide range Chinese delicacies, I particularly liked their chicken drumsticks and fried prawn in garlic lime sauce as starters. Banzara makes some lip-smacking soups. Try their chicken noodle soup and shanghai soup, I’m sure you’ll love both the preparations. My main course menu consisted of chilli garlic fried rice, Cantonese noodles, Korean chicken and Thai chilly pomfret, which I found scrumptious and appetizing.

On my second visit, I ordered some really delicious north Indian dishes. My three course meal consisted of kebabs ( hariali kebab, murg dhania kebab and boti kebab), Amritsari kulcha, murg biryani, chicken jhal frazie, murg massalam and palak cream. I am not embarrassed to confess that both times I licked my platter clean because the food was just awesome! Eat here once and decide for yourself.

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