Treat yourself to some awesome food at Spicy treat!

May 15, 2013

spicy treat

How would you feel if you suddenly found yourself in a restaurant that offers scrumptious food at nominal costs, especially at today’s prices? I would be on cloud nine, a common reaction of any foodie under the sun on a budget.  Spicy Treat is one such restaurant at 109, Baghajatin SPD Block, Raja SC Mullick Road, Jadavpur, Kolkata, where you get delicious food at very low prices. A friend of mine introduced me to its scrumptious delicacies a few months back. We were having a casual discussion on the exorbitant rates of reputed restaurants in Kolkata when she told me about this little restaurant in Baghajatin that offers really awesome food at low rates.

After getting the details from her, I decided to drop in here one day and try their preparations. I dropped in here a few months ago when I was eating out a lot (like almost every day) and I was truly satisfied with their service, ambience and food quality. I had some crispy chilli mushroom and chicken lollypop as starters and man chow soup (chicken). I just loved the awesome and appetizing starters and soups, which churned my gastronomic juices and I started craving for some main course items, which in my case consisted of Singapore noodles, Manchurian Fried rice, Hunan chicken and shredded chicken with mushroom and baby corn.

I must say the chef at Spicy Treat is quite an expert who knows how to blend the spices perfectly so you just enjoy the taste and aroma of each preparation. The best part is I think this is one of the most affordable restaurants in Kolkata. Only a very few items were above Rs.100. Most of their lip-smacking delicacies are below Rs.100. So, whenever you plan to dine out here you’ll never burn a hole in your pocket. If you are big foodie but you are into one of your cost-curtailing phases, Spicy Treat is just the right place for you to dine alone or with family and friends.

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