Gorge on some tasty munchies and sweets at Tasty Corner!

May 7, 2013

tasty corner

Those who are raking their brains to find out where this food joint is located, let me help you out – it’s on 18, Anil Moitra Road, Mandeville Gardens, Kolkata. It is not surprising at all that a very few people know about this outlet. But Pathak Bhavan students and South Pointers are mad about this place. Why? Well, just try their samosas, kachoris, gulab jamuns and jalebis and you’ll know why.  My courtship days were filled with regular visits to Tasty Corner.

What makes Tasty Corner different from any ordinary sweet shop is its food quality. Whether it’s their hing kachori, khasta kachori, matar kachori or paneer kachori- all the items are immensely popular (though REALLY oily). My favourite was their hing kachori which was served with a delicious sabzi (vegetable curry) and sweet chutney. There are three varieties of curry you can have with your kachori – allu matar sabji, aludam or chollar dal. I always used to have my kachoris with allu matar. Apart from kachori, Tasty Corner offers some mouth watering samosas, dhokla and dahi vadas, which are students’ favourites.

I have a sweet tooth, so I never failed to try some of their luscious sweets. Their gajar ka halwa, moti pak, kalakand and gulab jamun are my all time favourite. Even now whenever I get time, I make sure I drop in at Tasty Corner to try their lip-smacking sweets and savouries.  Unlike other sweet shops, where you often get to eat stale sweets and savouries, people at Tasty Corner like to serve fresh munchies and sweets to their customers (something I really appreciate as a foodie). Fresh food is prepared every day since leftovers are served to beggars and needy people at the end of the day. Their policy is never to serve leftovers of the previous day to their customers, and that is what makes Tasty Corner a reputed sweet shop in the Ballygunge area (and in my book).

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