State of Punjab: Real taste of Punjabi cuisine

May 2, 2013

state of punjab

Want to get the real taste of Punjabi cuisine in the heart of Kolkata? For a change tantalize your taste buds with authentic Punjabi preparations at State of Punjab. Situated on the 3rd floor of the South City Mall, State of Punjab prepares a few but wholesome and scrumptious delicacies. If you are hungry and have only a few hundred rupee notes in your pocket, then I should say that this is just the right place. Both the vegetarians and non-vegetarians would find this place perfect to satiate their appetite. The chef at State of Punjab prepares some lip smacking dal and paneer dishes.  A veg meal deal or a veg meal deal combo costing Rs 200 and Rs.210 respectively is just perfect for appeasing your hunger.

Non-vegetarians like me prefer opting for their non-veg meal or non-veg combo meal when I am ravenously hungry. Priced at Rs.240, a non- veg meal consists of one non-veg curry, one veg curry (of chef’s choice), dal, naan, steamed rice, raita, kachumber and pickle- a wholesome meal for lunch or dinner. Those who prefer titbits can try their murgh malai kebab which is just awesome! Kebab lovers can try their kebab meals, consisting of kebabs served with naan, dal makhani and lachcha onions. Chicken bharta and murgh malai tikka prepared at State of Punjab are also delicious. At the end of a wholesome meal, I always prefer eating hot gulab jamun, which I consider just perfect to titillate my taste buds and State of Punjab offers some yummy gulab jamuns. Gorge some and you’ll know it for yourself.

The only disadvantage is the dearth of proper seating arrangements or it is better to say that most Kolkata foodies throng at South City Mall on weekends and so you find it tough to get a vacant table. There are other food joints as well on the 3rd floor of the South City Mall. So, there are high chances that you will have to struggle for a table. But, once comfortably seated never forget to try some wholesome delicacies at State of Punjab.

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