Sip some brewing tea at Dolly’s The Tea Shop!

May 2, 2013

Dolly's The Tea Shop

What kind of picture comes to your mind when you think of a tea shop? I always picture a straw thatched shanty manned by a rustic, who sits slouched in front of the oven brewing hot tea in a kettle. The typical milky tea available in these food stalls is generally served in earthen cups. It also comes cheap depending on the size of the cup (you can have tea for rupees two, five, ten or twenty!). Some food joints in Kolkata (like Indian Coffee House) serve tea with snacks, but even there you will either get lemon tea or milk tea. Of course, top places like The Coffee Bean and Tea Cafe, The Park, Fire and Ice or Taj Bengal have separate tea menus where one could get flavoured tea, but not everyone can visit such expensive places for some tea!

It will not be wrong to say here that Dolly’s The Tea Shop revolutionised the concept of serving tea in the city. Neither is it like a roadside tea stall nor is it a 5 star tea shop that is meant only for the elite. It is a cosy little tea shop tucked up in a corner in Dakshinapan Market (2 Gariahat Road South, Dhakuria, Kolkata). I particularly like this tea shop’s cosy ambience and artful décor. The seating arrangement in Dolly’s The Tea Shop is also praiseworthy. Elegant cane chairs and sofas are arranged inside the shop to provide comfortable seating to visitors. Some sleek and portable tables and chairs are also kept outside the shop so customers do not have to stand in a queue when the shop is full of tea lovers!

At Dolly’s The Tea Shop, you can enjoy a variety of flavoured Darjeeling tea, Assam tea, Kangra tea, Uttaranchal tea and Nilgiri tea. If you are a health conscious individual you can get yourself some Dolly’s special organic tea. You can also have flavoured tea like hot lemon tea, spiced lemon tea and spiced ginger tea. Dolly’s The Tea Shop is famous for serving Cocoa T, Cardamom T, Kashmiri Kahwa and Fruitea. Those who really want to try something different can surely opt for these flavours.

In the sweltering heat, some good iced tea just soothes your nerves. Have some special iced tea with a dash of lime at Dolly’s The Tea Shop and you will feel refreshed instantly! Of course, Afternoon tea is incomplete without some munchies. Well, you can get a whole lot of munchies at Dolly’s. Dolly’s serves some lip smacking grilled sandwiches and fries too! If you are hungry, just grab a bite or two along with steaming hot or iced tea. You would also love the desserts served here like chocolate cake, chocolate cake with ice cream and orange cake.  Drop in once to get a taste of flavoured tea any hour of the day.

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